What are the production materials of the paper towel holder

2020-10-08 18:10:01

1. Stainless steel: it belongs to medium and low grade products. Stainless steel has good antirust function, but because stainless steel is difficult to weld and metal processing function is poor, only simple processing can be carried out. The product style is relatively simple and rigid.

2. Zinc alloy: it belongs to low grade material. Because the zinc alloy metal processing function is very poor, can not carry on the stamping molding processing, generally can only cast molding, so the base is generally relatively thick, the style is relatively old. Other casting products, the surface finish is very poor, so the electroplating function is not good, the coating is easy to fall, belongs to the relatively low grade bathroom pendant products.

3. Aluminum alloy: medium grade and low grade material. The surface is generally oxidation or wire drawing treatment, can not electroplating, so can only buy matte products, matte products problem is difficult to clean. Aluminum alloy products are light in weight, and their bending resistance is not very good.

4. Copper alloy: copper alloy is now a good material for bathroom pendant. Since ancient times, copper has been used in many household products. In particular, H59, H62 environmental protection copper, due to their excellent adhesion to the electroplating layer, the product after electroplating finish is very good, adhesion is very strong, can ensure more than 5 years of electroplating effect. Other alloy copper has the function of metal processing, which can be pressed into different product shapes according to different molds, which has greater break and innovation in product modeling.

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