Identification method of quality of open flat tissue holder

2020-10-08 18:10:01

I. raw materials

Inferior products: generally choose defective zinc alloy materials, and cut corners to reduce costs, loose structure, light weight, light handle.

Excellent products: generally choose pure copper, zinc alloy or titanium alloy as raw materials, with tight structure, heavy weight and thick handle. The best raw material is pure copper.

II. Die casting and finishing process

Inferior products: small die-casting machine and rough machine tool are selected, pressure is lacking, pores, silk lines, cracks and surface inequality are found on the surface of the products, and the polishing process is rough and crude.

Excellent products: large precision computer-controlled die-casting machine tool and digital fine machine tool are selected. The surface of the blank is lubricated, smooth, free of pores and silk defects. The grinding and polishing process is rigorous and the process is various.

3. Coating

The coating is loose and not easy to blister after using. The thickness of the coating is less than 20 μ m, the material inside is easy to be oxidized by air, and there are many scratches and burrs on the surface of the coating.

Excellent products: strictly in accordance with the national electroplating process standards, the selection of imported original copper, and through copper plating, nickel plating, chromium plating three process coating, bright luster, thick visual sense, long-term use also does not wear, rust, blister or drop, lasting for a long time. The structure is tight, the coating is uniform, the "color surface" is neat, the coating thickness is generally above 30 microns, and the coating surface is free of scratch and burr.


IV. accessories

Inferior products: the fasteners are made of iron screws, which are easy to rust. The glass products are made of low-grade products with uneven thickness, low transparency and turbid visual perception.

Superior products: stainless steel screws or copper screws are selected for fasteners, and original imported glass rings and plates are selected for glass products, with uniform thickness, high transparency and clear visual perception.

V. packaging

Inferior products: the packaging materials are poor, the printing is rough, the trademark is not clear and dazzling, and the manufacturer is not indicated in the package, or even the "three noes" products packed in white leather.

Excellent products: beautiful packaging planning, exquisite printing, clear and dazzling trademark, with manufacturer and detailed address indicated in the external contract, and quality inspection certificate and equipment specification in the internal contract.

Vi. after sales service

Inferior products: there is no after-sales service to speak of, and there is no useful equipment statement or quality assurance certificate.

Excellent products: there are useful quality assurance certificate, inspection mark, equipment elucidation and manufacturer's address and telephone number.

7. Display of selling points and expansion of after-sales service

Inferior products: there is no common selling point display, display boards are often patchwork, rough production, product market price disorder.

Excellent products: joint planning, production of beautiful selling point display, exquisite display board, shopping mall standard, common price.

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