What do you need to pay attention to when welding the paper towel holder

2020-10-08 18:10:01

In the paper towel holder electrode welding, the length of the arc depends on the human hand: when you change the gap between the electrode and the workpiece, you also change the length of the arc. In most cases, direct current is used for welding, and the electrode is used as both the arc carrier and the weld filler material. The electrode is composed of alloy or non alloy metal core wire and electrode coating. This layer of coating protects the welding seam from air damage and stabilizes the arc together. It also causes the formation of slag layer and protects the weld from forming.

Key points and precautions of flux cored wire welding for paper towel rack:

1. Select flat welding power supply, and select reverse polarity for DC welding. The general CO2 welding machine can be used for welding, but the pressure of wire feeding wheel should be adjusted slightly.

2. The distance between welding nozzle and workpiece should be 15 ~ 25mm.

3. The protective gas is generally carbon dioxide, and the gas flow rate is 20 ~ 25L / min.

4. Dry extension length: generally, the welding current is about 15mm when the welding current is less than 250A, and about 20 ~ 25mm when the welding current is more than 250A.


Paper towel holder welding method: 1, welding method, pad and component pins with fine sandpaper grinding clean, coated with flux. Dip a proper amount of solder with the soldering iron head, touch the solder joint. After all the solder on the solder joint is melted and the component lead is immersed, the electric soldering iron head is lifted up along the pin of the component to separate from the solder joint.

2. Flux: 25% rosin dissolved in 75% alcohol (weight ratio) as flux.

3. Suitable solder should be selected, and the low melting spot welding tin wire for welding electronic components should be selected.

4. Tin should be applied before the use of electric soldering iron. The specific method is: heat the electric iron, apply flux when it can just melt the solder, and then evenly apply the solder on the head of the soldering iron, so that the iron head can eat a layer of tin evenly.

5. The solder joint should be in the shape of sinusoidal wave crest, the appearance should be bright and oily, and the tin content should be moderate.

6. The welding time should not be too long, otherwise the components will be damaged. If necessary, the pins can be clamped with tweezers to help heat dissipation.

7. After the welding of stainless steel tissue holder is completed, clean the remaining flux on the circuit board with alcohol to prevent the carbonized flux from affecting the normal operation of the circuit.

8. The electric soldering iron should be placed on the frame of the soldering iron.

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