How to install the paper towel holder

2020-10-08 18:10:01

The emergence of paper towel rack is to meet people's health needs, but also to make people's life more convenient products, and there are many kinds of paper towel rack materials on the market, among which stainless steel towel rack is common, so what is the price of stainless steel towel rack? How to install stainless steel tissue holder? The following will give us specific answers, hoping to provide us with help.


Stainless steel tissue holder installation method:

1. Measure the orientation of stainless steel tissue holder first, then punch with electric hammer, put the expansion bolt into the hole, and fix the tissue holder with toilet paper on the expansion bolt hole with screws.

2. Choose brand nail free glue or structural adhesive. The bonding surface of stainless steel paper towel rack is large enough, otherwise it can't bear gravity. The original double-sided glue can not be used to fix the towel frame.

3. If the stainless steel paper towel holder is fixed with plastic suction cup, the method is much simpler. Just clean the wall and then adsorb the paper towel holder.

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