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    How to solve the blocking question of the faucet filter network

    The seemingly unremarkable faucet is very important in the ordinary days. If the faucet filter network is blocked, it will affect our usual water use. The day we tap and tap when using simple joys and sorrows, splash, if add a layer of water tap filter, does not show the splash appearance. However, the use of water tap filtering network for a long time, filter online will be a layer of impurities, the faucet is not very clear, the flow will become smaller. So, the faucet filter network blocked, how should we clean and replace it? Then I'll take us together to understand the common sense of the faucet filter. Although the water tap filter families often use, but you will not know the tap filter because often use, water erosion, water will heap inside many impurities, a long time will have a layer of sediment attached, difficult to clean, if not clean, clogged the faucet, faucet and LED screen washed out. So, we should be in time to clean, remove debris, and adhere to the dredging of the faucet filter. So, how should we replace the filter correctly? How can the faucet filter be replaced, let's get a simple understanding of the detailed operation. First, the home should be ready for the spare filter. This kind of filter is very affordable, and can buy online shopping at the hardware store. We can store a few more in one time so that we can use it in time to replace it, which is very convenient. Take off the water tap filter, must use certain things, from the ultimate bearing device, open the faucet, so you can easily remove the filter. When the new filter is installed, the device must be carried out according to the application instructions. You may be able to inquire about dealers carefully when choosing. So how do you clean the filter net of the faucet? 1. Clean faucets and filter nets regularly according to the practice of family practice. 2, the outlet of the water faucet has two plane to wrench move, unscrew the faucet or take out the filter inside, first washed with water, and then the toothbrush dipped in gentle cleanser or toothpaste gently wash liquid. 3, filter net can also use white vinegar bubble for 4-6 hours, then use clean water to scour, can remove the scale. 4, usually clean the surface of the faucet stains, usually clean its coating with neutral detergent, clean and soft cloth completely dry. Try not to use detergent powder, clean toilet and other powerful cleaners, which are usually rich in mineral particles, which can damage the appearance of electroplating. 5, to clean up the surface of the faucet can also be able to wipe a few lemon slices on the top can be bright as new.