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    Teach you how to choose a healthy faucet

    What types of faucets are there before choosing a faucet? First of all, we should first clarify the use of faucets and the functions they need, so the best way is to choose the right ones. The faucet is generally used in the basin, bathtub, shower, kitchen sink, not the same local water faucets are not the same. From the perspective of installation method, the faucet is divided into wall type and vertical type, mainly depending on the environment of use and installation. Together, the vertical faucet is divided into two sizes: high foot and low foot. From the view of structure, the faucet can be divided into single and double type. In addition, there are single handle and double handle. Single type can meet cold or hot water pipe switch, as long as a way to control the size of only water, double type heat pipe can be connected together, and can rotate up and down, can control the size of water used for bath with hot and cold switching, Kitchen Basin and hot water supply, vegetable washing basin faucet. The single handle faucet can adjust the temperature of hot and cold hot water through a handle, and the hands handle needs to leave the conditioning cold water tube and the hot water tube to adjust the temperature of the water. How to choose a suitable faucet to read data? From the historical point of view, the faucet was cast on copper with high copper luster and high anti-wear and anti-corrosion function. Stainless steel raw water faucets are free from lead and corrosion. Though stainless steel is lead-free, heavy metals such as cadmium, manganese and nickel are also harmful to the body. The price of zinc alloy is much lower, and the faucet is more simple and large-scale production. But zinc alloy faucets are easy to release harmful substances and are not durable. What kind of raw material can be identified by one eye? Xiaobian teach you a good way, that is to see the inner wall, copper tap is sand core forging, so the inner wall is rough, and the stainless steel and alloy water faucet wall is lubricated.